Variateur ZAPI COMBIAC0 & ACE0

The ZAPI COMBI AC0 / ACE0 inverter has been developed to perform all the electric functions that are usually presents in walkie and rider pallet trucks, stackers, low level order pickers.

The controller can perform the following functions:

  • Controller for Ac 700W to 2,5 Kw AC motors;
  • Pump controller for series wounded DC motors up to 5 KW (only for CombiAC0).
  • Drivers for ON/OFF electrovalves and for two proportional valves (electrodistributor)
  • CAN bus interface
  • Interface for canbus tiller
  • Zapi patented sensorless and sense coil control
  • 128 Kbytes Flash memory embedded.
  • Software downloadable via Serial link or JTAG (internal connectors) or Canbus (external connector)
  • ESD protection on CAN BUS inputs CANL and CANH

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Le variateur ZAPI COMBIAC0 & ACE0