Interface USB-to-CAN compact IXXAT

The USB-to-CAN compact is a low-cost, active CAN interface for connection to the USB bus. The 16-bit microcontroller system enables reliable, loss-free transmission and reception of messages in CAN networks with both a high transmission rate and a high bus load. In addition, messages are provided with a time-stamp and can be filtered and buffered directly in the USB-to-CAN compact. The module can also be used as a master assembly, e.g. for CANopen systems. Together with the universal CAN driver VCI, supplied with the delivery, the USB-to-CAN compact allows the simple integration of PC-supported applications into CAN systems.

Combining an extremely attractive price with compact construction, the USB-to-CAN compact interface is ideal for use in series products and in conjunction with the canAnalyser for development, service and maintenance work.

L'interface USB-CAN compact IXXAT

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